Uniforms creates unity

The wearing of full and complete uniform provides students at St Joseph’s Primary School, Taree with an opportunity to display pride in themselves and their school. Their standard of dress helps foster their self-discipline.

In order to achieve and maintain a good standard of uniform dress at St Joseph’s, follow this guide.

  • Children out of uniform are required to bring an explanatory note from their parents.
  • Positive reinforcement is provided for children who make a special effort in the wearing of their uniform
  • Special emphasis is placed on the need for senior students to set a good example for younger children by the manner in which they wear their uniform.
  • Please ensure all items of school clothing (and other personal belongings) are clearly marked with your child’s name. Name tags fade with time and washing so they need to be checked periodically.
  • Jewellery is NOT part of the school uniform. Girls with pierced ears may wear studs. No coloured earrings or sleepers should be worn.
  • Lost property is placed in a basket located in the administration building near the disabled toilets. At the end of each month the unclaimed uniform items are washed and re-sold through the clothing pool.
  • The assistance of parents in supporting the school’s uniform policy is requested and appreciated.

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